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Got a Fitness goal?

Let's get it DONE!

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Dec 11 - Dec 17















Need motivation?

Get a taste of what working out

with Kim both looks and feels like!

Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

"I believe Kim became a personal trainer out of her passion for being healthy, fit and active so she is really enthusiastic and supportive when setting and working with your own fitness goals to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle. She is a very involved professional who educates her clients in many other aspects of wellness. Most importantly she loves her job!!! Making it a fun, challenging and very motivational environment!!!!"


"I am finally losing weight. I have worked hard before,  but I didn’t see any results.  Kim has helped me get stronger to help me with my chronic knee pain and back pain. It has gotten more manageable. I love her, she keeps me motivated. " 


"Kim is the best! There is no question that she will push you and will kick your butt! But you'll see results and have fun in the process. I used to work out for the only purpose of losing weight ,and I did not particularly look forward to going to the gym. Now I look forward to working out and my goal is to feel strong and fit! Kim understands the importance of having a holistic approach to fitness and motivates you every step of the way. Her workouts are always  engaging and she pays great attention to form and technique which has made a huge difference for me. I feel stronger and fitter every day. Kim is a great trainer and she is and inspiration. I feel stronger and fitter every day. Looking forward to continuing the journey!"


"Kim is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with. No one puts as much time and effort into their clients as she does. She is tough but personable, it's a pleasure to be in her company during my workouts. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is well-trained, knowledgeable, and capable of addressing limitations due to prior injury. Kim is very methodical and focuses on working out the entire body. She makes working out fun by coming up with different types of exercises to make the workout interesting. Her energy is contagious."


"Kim you have saved me. Due to Covid-19, my mental and physical health would be shot if not for your incredible workouts, positivity, encouragement and support."

Jen A

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