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4 Week Push Up Challenge

Happy Sunday Rockstars!!

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here!

PUSH UP challenge time!

Please follow the exercise list and sequence below.

Day 1, 30 sec. each exercise x1

Day 2, 30 sec. each exercise x2

Day 3, 30 sec. each exercise x3

So on and so forth...until day 7 then start the new sequence of exercises!

*REMEMBER* start on your toes, modify to 1 knee down then modify to 2 knees down!

You got this!

Week 1 -

Regular push ups

Wide push ups

Narrow (elbows point back) push ups

Week 2 -

uneven right hand up

uneven left hand up

diamond push ups

Week 3 -

hands elevated push ups

up down plank with a push up

plyometric push ups

Week 4 -

in and out push ups

dive bomb push ups

decline push ups

Please enjoy and feel free to reach out for any questions!!


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