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February Updates!

Hello Rockstars!!!

February is the month to fall back (MORE) in love with your workouts!!

*MARK YOUR CALENDARS here are a few schedule updates, effective February 10th:

Saturday 8 am Kickboxing class is canceled indefinitely

Saturday Circuit class will NOW be from 8:30-9:15 am

Saturday Rest and Recover will be from 9:30 -10 am

**I will be out of the country February 19th to 22th, back for kickboxing on the 23rd.

!!! I also wanted to share with you my New Micro Workouts !!!

When you only have a few minutes (roughly 10 minutes) or if you can't make it to class but want a great burn do this....

Legs - use a weight that is challenging for you

(50 seconds per exercise 10 seconds to switch exercise)

-right leg chair squat to wide squat

-left leg chair squat to wide squat

-chair squat to deadlift

-right leg 3 point lunge

-left leg 3 point lunge

-1 minute wall sit

-bridge right leg extension

-bridge left leg extension

Upper Body - use a weight that is challenging for you

(1 minute per exercise then repeat a second time)

-chest press

-chest fly

-overhead tricep extension

-renegade row

-up down plank with a push up

Cardio (30 seconds per exercise then repeat a second time)

-jump rope

-high knees


-in and out jump squat


-mountain climbers

-donkey kicks

-pop ups with your arms up

-plank to right to left bunny hops

-push ups

Abs (1 minute each exercise)

-right arm to right leg then right arm to left leg

-left arm to left leg then left arm to right leg

-Jacknife twist

-Russian twist

-heel touches

-dead bugs

-hallow hold

-seated bicycles

-V-sit hold

-plank (most challenging version for you)

If you have more then 10 minutes repeat the sequence 2 even 3 times!!


As always thank you so much for all of your support!

More than ever I'm so grateful for this amazing community!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.


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