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4 week Ab challenge

Hi Rockstars!!!

As promised in this morning class please find below your 4 week Ab challenge!

Please follow the exercise list and sequence below.

Day 1, 30 sec. each exercise x1

Day 2, 30 sec. each exercise x2

Day 3, 30 sec. each exercise x3

So on and so forth...unitl day 7 then start the new sequence of exercises!

Week 1

Leg lifts

Hallow hold

Vsit Hold

Week 2

Elbow plank

Incline plank knee pull ins (upper body higher then lower body)

Hallow hold 5 sec. to Vsit hold 5 sec.

Week 3

Low flutter kicks

Rocking banana or turtle

Vsit hold with a small Russian twist

Week 4

Plank tap out with feet

Incline Plank outside body knee drive

Hallow hold with a small side to side motion

Have fun, enjoy and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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