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Welcome to the Fan Page!

You guys are rockstars! Here you will be able to comment, interact, and leave insights on your experiences for others to read! Thanks for joining my platform! If you have a photo or story you'd like me to share on here, please email me! Let's get it done!

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This Saturday's class

Please note that Katelyn will be teaching class tomorrow at Grant Park. See you guys Monday. Thank you Kim

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29 ago 2020

I’m so proud of you Kim! Your one of my closest friends and I see how hard you work. Your dedication to keeping all of us sane, motivated, in shape and healthy, both physically and emotionally, is beyond measure.

Here’s to you my friend! Great job!

Me gusta

Julie Cremoux
Julie Cremoux
27 ago 2020

Your class kicked my BUTT! But loving the extra Motivation. I especially enjoy your funny humor, and calling me out when you know I can do better! WE DON'T QUIT, WE DON'T STOP! Give me one more! Thanks KIM!

Me gusta
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