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Welcome to the Fan Page!

You guys are rockstars! Here you will be able to comment, interact, and leave insights on your experiences for others to read! Thanks for joining my platform! If you have a photo or story you'd like me to share on here, please email me! Let's get it done!

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Good morning!!! A few updates for today March 26th. All classes for today will be online and the 4:30 class will be canceled. I hope to see you guys online! Have a wonderful day! Kim

Happy Monday Rockstars!! It's a rainy morning which means that 9:15 and 11:30 classes will be online only this morning! See you guys soon! Kim

Happy Monday Rockstars!! Please note that today's classes will be online due to the weather. If you need codes please text me! Stay dry. See you all soon! Kim

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