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Welcome to the Fan Page!

You guys are rockstars! Here you will be able to comment, interact, and leave insights on your experiences for others to read! Thanks for joining my platform! If you have a photo or story you'd like me to share on here, please email me! Let's get it done!

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Happy Wednesday Rockstars!! I'm back in town and ready to roll! The air quality is not great outside this morning therefore let's keep it inside. 9:15 class will be online only this morning. See you s

Hello again.. I was able to push my flight back which means I will be teaching at 9:15am Wednesday! All other Wednesday classes are still canceled. Please update your calendars!! Kim

Happy Sunday Rockstars!! The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here! PUSH UP challenge time! Please follow the exercise list and sequence below. Day 1, 30 sec. each exercise x1 Day 2, 30 s

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